Serum No. 5 “Friendly Tiffs” Swatch & Review

SERUM NO. 5!!!!!!

We’re really starting to count down to the final post now! So exciting!

Today I have something blue, something holo, something silver and something friendly…

A frosty famous blue filled with silver hexes, silver prisms and a generous holographic diamond glitter sprinkling.

Serum No 5 Love Lacquer“Friendly Tiffs”

 Everyone prepare to play nice after the jump because it’s all friendly tiffs!

“Friendly Tiffs” is a pretty opaque polish, becoming solid at two coats and completely opaque at three.

I think this polish could look especially STUNNING on someone with a darker complexion.

I really like how well the diamond glitter shows through. It is really fitting to the whole possible Tiffany blue theme?

Serum No. 5 Lacquers are made with high quality pigments, micas, and glittery sparkling goodness.

They are all 3-Free; containing no Toulene, Formaldehyde nor Dibutyl Phthatlate.

Each polish is hand mixed in small batches by the creative lady behind the line.

It’s very fairy-tale-ish :)

DermaBlend- ACD

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