Review – Jamberry Nail Apps

I had my first experience with Jamberry nail apps today. I was really curious to see if they were very different from the other nail apps I have tried, since you heat them up with a hair dryer before application. These are also non-toxic and not actually made of nail polish!!!

I paired my designs with OPI Jade is the New Black.

I had a little trouble finding sizes that would cover my entire nail, so that was a little disappointing. I heated up my nail apps or my nail design plates  for my index and pinkie nails and applied as instructed.

The heat didn’t make the apps as pliable as I had hoped. The app applied smoothly on my pinkie nail, but did not want to grip the top of my nail too easily. The app on my index finger applied much more easily, but I was left with a pop up wrinkle along one side.

I’m really interested in having another go or two at these. Jamberry has some amazing designs for their apps, and these have a crazy amount to shine to them!

There are even Jamberry Nail consultants working their magic with these nail apps as well, which I think is something really awesome!

DermaBlend- ACD

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