Rainbow Honey Swatch & Review of “Mare of the Moon”

**Warning! Picture Heavy!**

“Mare of the Moon – A deep and mysterious indigo polish with a violet color shift and a sprinkling of silver moon crescents and holographic glitters.”

Part of the “Equestria Collection” from Rainbow Honey comes…

“Mare of the Moon”

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I am going to present “Mare of the Moon” in a little bit of a different manner. No additional pages, no layering options, just pure focus on this polish by itself.

Why? Because I think “Mare” is in need of even more credit than has already been given. When I first saw pictures of the polishes, I knew this one was cool. However I looked at it as “a moon filled duo-chrome” – end of story.

NOT end of story! I hope in the following swatches I can show you everything “MotM” has to offer.

It’s like an entire, mystical, magical gem nails, twinkling moonlit sky. A place you would totally find winged, tattooed-butt ponies frolicking around in.

An entire bottled celestial pony play-land!

The main question I’ve seen with this lacquer is how many moons are in bottle, and if it is hard to get them to show up to the party.

From looking at the formula in bottle, there does seem to be a good amount of moons but not so many that you would think you would get a moon every time..

I took this picture the first time I wore “MotM: This is two coats “MotM” over black.

Layering this polish over dark colors can emphasis the duo-chrome and really pop the blue and/or purple shift.

In this first attempt I got four moons (Index, Ring, Pinkie, Thumb) with zero effort.

In my second attempt (of which I do not have pictures) I found a moon on each finger with zero effort.

The following swatches are of attempt #3. This time I ended up with four moons (Index, Middle, Ring, Pinkie) on my left hand, and three moons (Thumb, Index, Ring) on my right hand.

One coat “MotM” on bare nails

Are you guys ready for a ridiculous amount of pictures??

Three Coats “MotM”, no base coat, no effort, zero placing, basic glossy topcoat

The color-shift is apparent to varying degrees in all lighting and over all bases. Darker bases really bring out more contrast in various lighting.

This lacquer ranges from a very deep blue to vibrant violet to an in between indigo.

I prefer this polish glossy, however matte really brings out all the details in photographs:

So pretty!!

I hope you can see how gorgeous this is.

Not only is there that duochrome base but there are larger glitter/shimmer particles sprinkled throughout that PLUS small holographic glitter PLUS larger holographic glitter PLUS crescent moons that can flash many shades of indigo/blue/teal/silver depending on how deep they are set within the polish layers.

If you’re wondering what’s going on in the above picture, well I’ll tell you, you curious cat.

How cool would this be to use as an accent nail in a Halloween manicure? or any mystical-manicure for that matter!

(To see the post this manicure is from, click HERE – link will open in new window)

This polish and a polish named “Celestia” were released after the initial Equestria Collection pre-order.

My initial thoughts were that I was more interested in Celestia, a “sheer, sky blue polish filled with bursts multichromatic shimmer and opalescent flakes” but I take that back. I think this is the one out of those two that is truly a must-have.

Rainbow Honey is one of my favorite nail polish makers, this includes both mass-manufacturers and indie brands.

Rainbow Honey can be found at the Rainbow Honey Shop


and the Rainbow Honey Facebook.


and the Rainbow Honey Blog


You can purchase at the above shop link, and there is never a mad-dash for ordering or re-stocking. Love!

Full size bottles are 15ml and are $10.00/bottle.

Mini size bottles are available for $5.00/bottle.

I strongly recommend the full size bottles if you are able to. Every time I have seen or heard of someone ordering the miniatures, the guaranteed sentence immediately following that is “I wish I ordered full size!”

“Mare of the Moon” is from the “Equestria Collection”, of which there are a total of 8 lacquers.
You can click the picture below for a link to swatches of the other polishes in this collection:

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