Rechargeable Electric Nail Drill

Electric Nail Drills – perfect for on the go or travel

If you’re somebody who frequently goes to the nail salon, doing your own nails at your home can save you hundreds of bucks a year. There are several other essential bonus items for doing all your nails by yourself, like knowing the tools have only been used on your nails and they are cleaned appropriately.

It’s for these factors that a lot of women (and men) have found it advantageous to invest in their own electric nail drills.

In case you did not know yet, an Electric Nail Drill looks like a thick pen and is typically handheld and compact. It is designed to fit comfortably in the hands of the manicurist or any home user.

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What Are The Rewards Of An Electrical Nail File vs. A Regular File?

Electric nail files are more suitable for thicker toenails, acrylic and gel nails, callused/thick skin area, bunions and even for use on your domestic pets’ nails.
Salons primarily utilize electric nail files because of the quickness and capacity to polish, buff, and shape.

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Electrical Nail Drill Price

When selecting an electric nail drill, you need to primarily consider the device that will be effective for what you only need. Electric nail files can run anywhere from $50-$300, and certainly, the more advanced electric files come with much more functions.

What Should You Look For When Picking Out An Electric Nail Drill?

  • If you own a salon, you need to be looking for electric drills that come with accessories for corns and calluses, removing too many cuticles, ridge filing, buffing, and shaping. An LED light to emphasize the area will be helpful too and take note that drills with AC adapters are usually known to last longer and offer much more power than battery controlled versions.
  • Heat Resistant manage to prevent overheating is also a good feature of nail drill.
  • Several controls (high/low speed) for delicate and hard spots would also be very helpful, along with the option for a forward as well as reverse spin. Protective caps to avoid nail residue by flying into the air throughout grooming session is also useful.

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In case you are merely searching for an electric drill for at home use, you don’t need a design with this many features – unless of course, that’s what you desire!

How Does an Electric Nail Drill Machine Function?

Each time the drill is powered on, its eraser-shaped file positioned at the end of the drill orbits at a fast speed. This device does not only aid to reshape and thin the shape of your nails, but it is also the armory of preference for a beautician to make complex nail art from the selection of nail design of the clients in less time and a much efficient method.

Wired or Rechargeable Nail Drill?

For personal use, the cordless or rechargeable electric nail file is the best choice. Portable ones enable you to use it just about anywhere since they are cordless. This operates for 2 hours or more dependent on the degree of charging. If you wish to use it for business, the corded model is the best choice.