Layla Holographic MERCURY TWILIGHT

Layla Holographic Nail Lacquer in “Mercury Twilight” (& 1st post)

I am supposed to be working.

I am supposed to be waiting until this blog is further tweaked and designed to post.

I am supposed to be thinking of all the things normal, functioning adults think of instead of another polish.

I can’t. I must. You mustn’t make me. My brain is the polish monster.

What’s got me in such a tizzy?

Layla Holographic polish. All you lesser holographics should be ashamed!

Layla Holographic Nail Lacquer in “Mercury Twilight”.

This polish literally steals the sunlight, beams it into some futuristic loading dock, little hob-goblins re-forge it, and then they shoot it back at you in prisms of lucid liquid rainbows. This is the stuff Lisa Frank stickers and trapper keeper binders dream of.

DermaBlend- ACD

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