Christmas Nail Tutorial – Gingerbread Man

It’s day number seventeen of our advent calendar, and after the slightly complicated angel nail art design yesterday, I have a nice and easy gingerbread nail art design for you today!

These designs are so easy I haven’t done a step by step, but instead given you a mix and match mani of different gingerbread components!

Gingerbread Body

For his body, paint your nail all over with a medium brown polish. After that has dried, use a small paintbrush and any pastel colored polishes to paint him a little bow tie and a few buttons.

Gingerbread Face

For his face, paint your nail all over with the same brown polish. Use more pastel colored polishes to draw the eyes, the eyebrows and the smiling open mouth!

Broken Leg

I’ve given this gingerbread man a stitched up broken leg! Start by painting your nail all over with your medium brown polish. Then take a dark brown polish and paint a thin wiggly line across your nail. When that has dried, paint white strips across the crack to stitch it up!

Dripping Icing

For the last design, paint your nail all over with the medium brown. Once it has dried, use a small paintbrush and a white polish to paint on the icing as if it is running down the gingerbread!

And this is what the final design looks like!

Advent Tutorial: Gingerbread Man Nail Art

I hope you’ve liked today’s gingerbread nail art design, and I can’t wait to show you what I have planned for tomorrow!

Polishes used for this nail art tutorial


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