Christmas Nail Tutorial – Carol Singers

So sorry this is running a little bit late today guys! I stupidly didn’t use an oven glove last night when picking up a baking tray that had just come out of the oven, so spent half of this morning at the doctors’, and am now sporting a big bandage. It’s my left hand too, so I’m just glad I have pre-painted the rest of the advent calendar already so you guys won’t miss out!
Most of the color came from Barry M Nail Paint Collection on Amazon

Today’s nail art tutorial is a carol singer!

Carol singing is such a fun part of Christmas. Singing those songs you have been singing your whole life, but only get to sing once year. There is just something so magic and traditional about it! It’s such a great way to remember how long people have been praising and worshiping Jesus!

Again, this is quite a long tutorial, so just take it bit by bit!

Advent Tutorial: Carol Singer Nail Art Tutorial

  • Step 1- Start by painting your nail all over Matte White.
  • Step 2- Next, paint a circle on the middle of your nail using a skin-coloured polish by Barry M called Pink Lemonade. This is an unnamed Nails Inc polish.
  • Step 3- I’m giving this carol singer a blue scarf and hart so I used LA Colors Blue Lagoon to paint on the main shape of the scarf. You could choose any colour though!
  • Step 4- Next, I used a lighter blue to paint little stripes onto the scarf. This blue is Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream.
  • Step 5- Time for the hat! I painted the rim on using the same dark blue polish.
  • Step 6- Then I used the light blue to paint the main body of the hat. Make sure it goes up to a point so you can put the bobble on top!
  • Step 7- Again, I used the darker blue polish to paint a fluffy bobble on the top of the hat.
  • Step 8- Time for the singer’s features. Here I used a black polish by Gelly Hi Shien – Barry M and a dotting tool to create his open singing mouth. This black is Nails Inc Black Taxi.
  • Step 9- Use the same black polish to create two slits of the eyes.
  • Step 10- Finally, paint a couple of musical notes to show how wonderfully he is singing!

And here’s the final manicure! I’ve done four different colors here so you can see what you might like to try. I think I like the blue or pink best.

Polishes used for this nail art tutorial:

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