Glitter Rhinestone Gem Nails

Why We Love Glitter Rhinestone Gem Nails

One crucial thing we love about rhinestone nail art is that you can make so many distinct looks, from gorgeous to girly, hinging on the sizing, color and form of the gemstones. I understand this may seem scary, but it’s a lot easier compared to how it looks.

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What Jewels Can You Use for Your Glitter Rhinestone Gem Nails?


There are stick-on nail jewels that are made specifically for this purpose. In fact, since they’re designed to be used for your nails, it may seem easier to use them than other kinds of jewels. However, there is another option too that you can use. And that is, using loose rhinestones gems from a fabric or craft stores. Why? Because these kinds of rhinestones gems are cheaper and there are a greater variety of rhinestones you can find on craft stores and fabric materials as compared to the ones made specifically for nail arts.

What You Need for Glitter Rhinestone Gem Nails

  • Basecoat
  • Nail polish
  • Top coat
  • Small Stick or Rhinestones picker
  • Rhinestones Gems and other Accessories – the main ingredient

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Glitter Rhinestone Gem Nails – The Procedure

  • Step 1. Put on your base coating and nail polish while you normally would.
  • Step 2. Right after your nail polish has dried out, take your stick and apply a tiny bit of base coat onto it. After that use the portion of the stick with the base coat on it to pick-up a rhinestone from the top (example, the flat back of the jewel should not be in contact with the stick, that way you can put it right on the nail), or you may use a Rhinestones picker if you have it.
  • Step 3. Apply some base coat on the flat back of the gem. You must be able to see that there is a base coat on the backing, but avoid using a lot (use your finger to wipe some off if you see much carefully.
  • Step 4. Carefully put the rhinestone on the nails.

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Make Your Glitter Rhinestone Gem Nails Last Long

Once you have finished, put on a right amount of top coat to certainly seal the gems on to your nails. This step is definitely important because the top coating will make your Glitter Rhinestones stick to your nails for a long time. If you want to guarantee that your gorgeous handiwork stays put, ensure that you place a top coat on.

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