Best Summer Pedicure Art

Before we know summer is approaching, the sun shines and all we can do is to keep of all our heavy wares. The closed shoes are no longer part of us. This means that the toenails will be exposed and everybody around us will take notice. This means you should get some sweet summer designs.

The pink nail polish blended with other fruity colors will make perfect pedicure for summer. When in sandals you will definitely turn the faces of many in admiration.

Bright flowers also go well with the summer designs. The plain pink will work best blended with black stripes you can also choose to blend the flowers with some bright stripes along the tips. Get the perfect summer sandals to go with any summer perfect pedicure.

The blue and yellow designs stand out during summer. Summer is the time to forget the old designs. Keep your feet clean and express creativity throughout the season. Finding the perfect summer nail color

A blue and pink glitter touch on your toes will make them a master piece. They glitters will serve you till the end of summer without peeling. The golden spark will also serve you right.

DermaBlend- ACD

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