Tutorial: How to paint ladybirds

I am really loving sharing tutorials with you all at the moment, and am planning on doing a whole series of new ones very soon, but today let me share with you how I painted my ladybird nails yesterday!


Here it is step by step…


Step 1 Start by painting your nail with your favourite red nail polish. Here I used Barry M Blood Orange.
Step 2 Using a small paintbrush and a black nail polish, paint a small semi circle on the tip of your nail for the ladybird’s head, and a thin line down the middle of your nail for the wings. The black polish I used was Nails Inc Black Taxi.
Step 3 Use a paintbrush or a medium dotting tool with the same black polish to create three spots on each wing.
Step 4 For the ladybird’s eyes, use your favourite white polish with a medium dotting tool to dot the whites onto it’s head on the tip of your nail. I used Barry M Matt White.
Step 5 Finally, use the black polish again with either a tiny dotting tool or a toothpick to create the pupils in the eyes.

And there you have it! A whole hand of cute little ladybirds!


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