Zoya Mitzi Nail Polish Swatch & Review


Zoya Mitzi was part of the 2011 Zoya Mod Mattes Limited Edition Collection consisting of three shades: Phoebe (a sky blue), Lolly (Barbie pink), and Mitzi (lime avocado green)

When I saw pictures of this online I thought it looked fresh, summery, and even on par with the appeal of neons BUT MATTE! In the great holy name of nail lacquer, what could be better than that?! So I went hunting and found a bottle online. It arrived totally damaged and unusable. However I wasn’t about to let that stop me! …but oh it should have. I should have seen that as a sign of the Gods telling me to walk right past this one.

Mitzi is not lime. It is not fun. It is streaky, lumpy and AVOCADO colored. However; It does fit perfectly in with a collection that includes “mod” as this is a color that absolutely brings up images of wooden platforms and orange velvet bell bottoms. In other words: not for me.


I feel even my pictures make it look better than it does in person. Perhaps this is a polish reserved for photo-shoots and not for real flip-flop fantasies.

I also wanted to see how this looked with a shiny top coat..

MATTE (Original)

Shiny Topcoat

I must say adding a topcoat made me like this polish a lot more, which may be the only way I end up wearing this one.

At your own risk…


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