What is Nail Stamping?

Nail stamping is a nail art method which entails transporting patterns in nail polish to your nails using a metal plate that already has these patterns and then a stamp to place these pre-designed patterns on the nails.


Why Do Nail Stamping?

Nail Stamping gives you fine, subtle and precise patterns which you cannot possibly accomplish with hand painting. Along with nail stamping, you can style your nails for any event or just for enjoyment and at your fingertips, you have hundreds of graphic plates and thousands of various designs to pick from. This is a simple method, which you can master if you’re just dedicated. The beauty of nail stamping versus hand nail artwork is that you can change the styles whenever you feel like, whether every week, daily or as many times as you want. Plus, you can do this anywhere.

Stamping supplies

Nail stamping systems come in a collection or kit which includes all the tools you will need to efficiently use lovely nail manicure using this method. However, while you horn your stamping expertise, sometimes you will find yourself purchasing the tools individually because several sets are just starter sets and are limited in materials.

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