What Are the Important Things You Need To Know About Painting Your Nails?

1. Paint your nails in three strokes. Beginning at the base of your nail, stroke the nail brush to the left, then to the right, and then down the middle.

2. Always apply a base coat. Base coat delivers the colored polish something to stick to, making your manicure last longer, plus it helps prevent staining on your nails when you’re using pigmented ones.

3. Reuse your old lip brush to help clean up the sides of your nail. Dip your old lip brush into nail polish remover and swipe it all over your nail bed to clean up the sides.

4. Avoid quick-dry nail polish. It’s usually dehydrating and can make your nails really dry.

5. Apply cuticle oil frequently. Cuticle oil does the magic of making your hands and nails instantly hydrated.

6. Hold both hands in cold water post-paint job. Dipping your fingertips into cold or ice water for a bit helps them dry faster.

7. Make neon paint even brighter. Apply a white or any opaque nude shade as your first coat of polish. This will make neons colors to be sheer and look thicker.

8. Apply thin coats of polish. One of the best techniques to get your polish to dry more quickly is to apply three thin coats of nail paint rather than two thick layers.


9. Don’t shake your nail polish. To avoid air bubbles forming in the lacquer or on your nails as you paint it on, hold the nail polish bottle vertically between your two hands and then roll the bottle back and forth.

10. Use non-acetone polish remover whenever possible.

11. Always apply a top coat. Swipe a top coat to the very tip of your nail to protect it from chipping from keyboard typing.

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