Wet N Wild Spoiled Nail Polish Swatches & Review GLITTERS

Today I am continuing with the Spoiled line of lacquers, bringing you four glitters of the collection:

*Trust Fund Baby

*Pet My Peacock

*Jewelry Heist

*Shuffle the Deck

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All swatches are 1 coat of glitter over OPI “Stranger Tides”. Matte shots use Hard Candy’s “Mattely In Love”.

Trust Fund Baby

Spoiled “Trust Fund Baby” glitter contains:

*magenta squares

*gold hexes

*blue hexes

*black hexes

All of equal size, and all suspended in a clear base.

I love this one out of the bottle. For some reason it wasn’t very appealing to me both in-store and in-bottle but soon became one of my favorites of this lot after application. Works super, super well with a matte finish.

Pet My Peacock

Spoiled “Pet My Peacock” glitter contains:

*turquoise hexes

*silver hexes (some of these flash periwinkle blue, others flash gold)

*light blurple hexes (flashes lilac)

*blue hexes

All of equal size, and all suspended in a clear base.


Jewelry Heist

Spoiled “Jewelry Heist” glitter contains: ..a lot going on here.

*large gold-platinum hexes

*large baby-pink with lilac overtone hexes

*small lilac hexes

*generous helping of small, sheer iridescent squares

While the iridescent nature of these square show them to be a rainbow of colors from orange to purple (see picture below), they mainly flash spring green, purple, and blue.

All suspended in a clear base.

I found this polish to be the prettiest in low and artificial light. It is this type of lighting that can really pick up all the soft colors. In brighter, and direct natural light, the gold and silver tones in the glitter overpower most of the other colors.


Shuffle The Deck

Spoiled “Shuffle The Deck” glitter contains:

*silver hexes

*red hexes

*black hexes

The red and silver are of equal size, the black is slightly smaller.

All suspended in a clear base.

All of these dry pretty smooth, “Trust Fund Baby” in particular offers a super smooth finish. While all of these swatches are of ONE coat, it wasn’t effortless. Some placement care was needed, especially due to the large mop brushes the Spoiled line uses. One can not simply use the usual 2-3 brush stroke method, it isn’t a “swipe-done” situation, otherwise the brush will entirely wipe off what was placed before it. I had to take a bit of care of what was on the brush, then would brush and dab.

Spoiled nail polish is a new line from Wet N’ Wild. It is a permanent line and fixture sold exclusively at CVS for $1.99.

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