Vibrant Splatter Manicure

Hey everyone! It’s been rather overcast here for the past couple of days, so I felt like I needed a bit of neon!

Two coats of Color Club Almost Famous

I started out with two coats of Color Club Almost Famous, a really fun bright yellow creme. The formula was a little streaky, but not too difficult to work with.

Color Club polishes for the splatter paint effect

Next, I used Color Club Wham! Pow!, Poptastic, Warhol, Pucci-Licious, Twiggie, and Mrs. Robinson for the splatter paint effect.

Before you start a splatter mani, be sure to prep your area to protect your surface, because it’s going to get messy! You might even want to tape around your nails to protect your skin.

I cut a piece of straw about the length of my index finger, and dipped it in the first polish bottle. Then, while holding the straw about 4-5 inches away from my finger, I blew through the straw with one quick breath. I repeated this step with each finger, using every color. I finished with one coat of SV.

I had a lot of fun with this mani, because there’s no right or wrong answer for it!!! It’s super colorful manicure and completely random … which are two things right up my alley!!!



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