Valentine’s Nail Art That You Will Surely Love

It’s the season of love, and it’s a perfect excuse to accentuate your nails with your favorite heart nail designs using some shades of pinks and reds and some glitters.

Whether or not you’re searching for something really girly or with lots of edges like these 20 designs for stamping nail design patterns, you will appreciate these manicure recommendations.

cassmariebeauty on instagram

You’ll love these cute and oversized ‘cupid arrow through a heart’ valentine’s day theme nail art. So grab your gold and red nail polish to get this look.

julieknailsnyc on instagram

Be inspired with this V-day mani in a flirty pink polish base with red or magenta polka dots. Well, these turned out really adorable.

califreenails on instagram

Jelly nails with cherry flavor. This is a simple nail get up that will totally look perfect for Valentine’s day.

sohotrightnail on instagram

Lots of shiny hearts to your nails. Be in love with this nail art and recreate them using different sizes of metallic heart foil and glitters.

nailsbymei on instagram

Loads of pink shades + glitters. This is so perfect for ladies who are having a hard time deciding which shade of pink to use for their manicure this Valentine’s Day?

oliveandjune on instagram

This very simple V-day manicure will not just amaze your significant other, but he’ll surely appreciate you carving his initials to your nail.

imarninails on instagram

Simple half-moon painted in matte red nail polish.

rosebnails on instagram

A rose pattern painted on, just the tip of a transparent manicure.


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