Trendy Summer Nail Colors this Season

Summer is coming, and I know most of you are getting ready to flaunt your summer-inspired manicures and pedicures. There are simply a lot of beautiful shades on the market for you to stick to the same old hues that you keep using. To give you some help, we refined the catalog to the loveliest colors you are going to be seeing almost everywhere this season. Choose your absolute favorites and then, get rid of that dull nail polish color that you’ve always put on and activate the summer shades on your nails.

Shimmering Rusty Orange – Emilie Heathe Nail Polish in Public

This shade looks like burnt orange with many shimmers in it. This is not your normal orange, because this was made special with brownish and burgundy undertones. The originator of these polishes, Emilie Heathe, gives further attention to the substances in each formula to guarantee healthy nails. Also, also, you don’t even need a top coat because this alone, is very long-lasting.

Shimmery Pearly Coral – Essie (Pinkies Out) – Spring 2019 Nail Polish Collection

Light tones usually are not going anywhere anytime soon. Rather than staying with the same coral, you’ve already been putting on since middle school, move things up with this stylish shimmery tone. It’s a sherbet shade with bits of orange and pink which leaves behind a slightly metallic finish.

Shimmery Peach – Butter London Glazen Nail Lacquer in Blaze

Blend several drops of shimmery peach shades right into a hard to wear orange, and you quickly obtain this very soft salmon tone that appears to be really lovely on all skin tones.

Minty Seafoam – Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Polish in B Girl

Sally Hansen’s at-home gel polish uses sunlight, instead of a UV light, to solidify into a durable finish that will last up to 2 weeks. This minty green tone can accent all skin tones without making you look sickly.

Vibrant Fuchsia – Jinsoon Nail Polish in Farouche

Vibrant colors are sure hit this summer. Fall in love with this radiant, bright fuchsia, The blue undertones keep it looking fashionable and fresh, as opposed to the being in the 80s level.

Rich and Yummy Yellow – Lauren B. Beauty Polish (Coachella Valley Sun)

This vibrant, creamy tone looks very stunning alongside with dark and deep skin tones, because of its warm, embellishing undertones.


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