The Best Polish Strips to Try

One of the popular trends in the beauty industry today is the use of nail polish strips or those gel nail strip. One of the best features of nail polish strips is, it requires no dry time. Plus, you will find plenty of shades and patterns. Nail polish strips are also famous for being long-lasting.

Normally, they last approximately two weeks! And if you apply nail polish strips on your toenails, they will last much longer. How cool is that?

Nail Polish Strips for Toenails

You definitely can not beat polish strips for your toes! Not so many of us are patient when it comes to drying our manicure.  With nail polish strips, you don’t have to wait long for your nail polish to dry, and they endure pretty well! Additionally, they are extremely thin, so it doesn’t feel like you have something on your nails, just like the feeling of getting gel nails.

The application of nail polish strips involves proper cleaning of your nail bed beforehand.  To begin with, make sure to clean your feet in the shower thoroughly. When your nails are dry, push back your cuticles really well with your favorite cuticle pusher and buff off dry skin by using a smooth buffing block. Trim and shape the free edge, then put on a good amount of foot cream. Ensure you clean off your nail bed with a polish remover to get all of the creams over the base; then, you surely are ready to use your polish strips.

Here are a few of the best nail polish strip models from Amazon for your toenails.

These are so reasonably priced, and you can combine styles and colors. Make sure to keep your strips shielded and airtight, though, considering that they will shed their stickiness if they may not be covered.

Nail Polish Strips For Fingernails

Nail polish strips are so practical for an instant manicure. You can literally apply and go. A manicure using nail polish strips will usually last for a week.

Here are a few of the best nail polish strip models from Amazon for your fingernails!

Listed here are some of my favorite strips from Amazon. Adhere to the same preparation onto your hands as you would to your toenails. I mainly absolutely love glitter strips or glittery nail stickers because they seem to last forever, like a lot of glitter polishes.


DermaBlend- ACD

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