Teal with Lots of Hearts Manicure

I have a really special polish to show you today called Taylor Blue by OPI. Taylor Blue was created in honor of Taylor Storch, who lost her life in a skiing accident.

Deep teal creme with blue undertones

I started off with two coats of Taylor Blue, a beautiful deep teal creme with blue undertones. The formula was rich and smooth, and very easy to apply.

Adding some Heart Designs to Nails

I knew I wanted to incorporate some hearts for Taylor, and I knew I wanted them to pop, so I paired Color Club Beyond with my Mash-38 nail design plates . I chose this one specifically because of the open heart for Taylor Blue to shine through.

I then continued with Color Club Beyond and my Nailz Crazy NC-01 plate for the vertical hearts down the sides of my nails. I finished with one coat of SV.

I was so happy that I chose a holographic to stamp with. I love the way that the rainbows shine through the hearts.

I really hope you enjoyed today’s mani as much as I enjoyed creating it with such a special girl in mind.


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