Sweets: Haribo Cola Bottles

I was thinking about what my favourite sweets are, and somewhere at the top of the list I would place Haribo Cola Bottles – both plain and fizzy! As these are relatively simple looking sweets, I was wondering how I could convey them on my nails. I thought about drawing little bottles, but thought that might end up looking a little weird. In the end, I came up with this…

How cool is the fizzy nail!!

I started by painting my index, ring and little finger with a base of Barry M Lychee, and my middle finger with a base of Barry M Blood Orange. Once that had dried, I sponged a gradient onto the cola bottle nails using Barry M Lychee and LA Colors Bronze Bombshell. I also painted the word ‘Haribo’ onto my middle finger using Barry M Yellow. After it had all dried, I painted my nails with Rimmel Pro Matte Finish topcoat, so make them look less shiny, and while it was still wet I sprinkled some sugar over my ring finger to give it the soured sugar effect!

I am so so pleased with how this came out! It just makes me want to go and buy a bag…

What are your favourite sweets?

For this manicure I used:

  • OPI – Nail Envy
  • Barry M – Lychee
  • LA Colors – Bronze Bombshell
  • Barry M – Blood Orange
  • Barry M – Yellow
  • Rimmel – Pro Matter Finish
  • Sugar
  • Makeup sponge
  • Tiny paintbrush
DermaBlend- ACD

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