Sweet Nail Art with Nail Stickers

Undoubtedly, among the only things that all of us enjoy more than an exquisite make-up look and a freshly coated manicure is food, especially sweets. Whenever we’re not scrolling through our most loved Instagram beauty accounts, we probably are scrolling through tasty Instagram food accounts. So when both of these worlds collided, you can visualize our enjoyment.

The Food Nail Art Trend

The manicure craze continues to be going up on many social media feeds, and many of us are getting obsessed with it. We all know that this won’t be everybody’s favorite but, like you have to confess, there is a certain degree of moment, skill, and artistry which goes behind every drool-worthy food manicure. Below are some of the best food manicure looks to recreate at home.

Macaroons Nail Art

This cute design has been done with the help of a printer. If you want to create your own sticker nail prints, and you have a printer at home, then try this cute and yummy macaroons design for your nails.

Hard Candy Nail Art

The nice thing related to this sweet mani is that you can do all kinds of color combinations to match your disposition and the season. Whatever holiday you’re enjoying, you can do a sweet treat mani to observe it.

Candy Crush Nail Art

This is one of my favorites in this list. Not just because it’s sweet and really fun but because I love Candy Crush game so much.

Fudge-Filled Nail Art

A diagonally striped manicure is pretty as is, but put in a few chocolatey drips plus some sprinkles, and it’s extremely tasty.

Fun With Chewing Gum Nail Art

Gum balls are one of those traditional sweets that in no way appears to get outdated, even if it’s on your fingernails. Use a dotting device to apply tiny dots in different shades – that you can do it on just one finger for a enjoyable accent nail or on all five for a vibrant, fresh look.

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