Sweet and Lovely Pink Nail Art

Over the weekend I snagged a few of the Claire’s Mood polishes. So, I thought I’d try one out for today.

The coverage of this one was a little lacking. It has the finish of a neon polish, and tended to be a little streaky. It took three coats for a fully opaque finish, and one coat of SV for shine.

Above is the “cold version” of this color, a pretty pinkish coral shade.
Below is the “warm version” of this color, a soft pinkish peach shade.

Changing Color Nail Polish

After the polish begins to react to your body temperature, you’re left with the look of a french manicure, as the shade on your tips will be different, due to the lack of body heat there!

Adding some Nail stamps

After some fun in playing with the color change, I decided to use one of my nail design plates for manicure: m73, from the Born Pretty Store.

Let me remind you, Ulta polishes work brilliantly as stamping polishes! So I used Scene Steel-er on my ring fingers, and Devious on the others.

I really like this shade from the Mood polish collection. The color change is very subtle and pretty! I’m looking forward to giving the other shades a try!

DermaBlend- ACD

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