Spoiled Yellows Comparison

Swatches, Review and Comparison of two yellows from the Spoiled line:

“Designated Driver” and “Mind Your Own Beeswax”

See how these two compare after the jump!!


First up is “Designated Driver”.

“Designated Driver” can be described as school-bus yellow. (Or sunflower yellow or No2 pencil yellow depending on how wild and crazy you are)

Jaggedy, scraggily, snaggley, jangely brushes.

“Designated Driver” is more opaque than “Beeswax” and covers VNL for the most part in three coats.

No base, full sun:


It was not a dream to apply and it was not streak-free (you can easily spot the streaks in these pictures).

One could probably achieve full streak-free opacity at four coats to even it all out but it will require much patience both in application and dry-time.

Next up is “Mind Your Own Beeswax”

“Mind Your Own Beeswax” is a more sheer, canary yellow filled with shimmer.

Mop. Mop. Mop. Moppity mop mop. I (don’t) love mop.

“Beeswax” takes four coats to cover the VNL and even then it is still visible (especially if you’re a stickler like me about that specific detail) so to get absolute full VNL coverage I would suggest five coats.

No base, Full sun:

It pops so bright!

(Now that I look at these pictures, I think this color might look gorgeous over white to turn it up further, making it into an unnatural canary yellow thereby disassociating the yellow-ness with anything dirty)

While much thinner, it is also much less streaky than “DD”.

Now for a side by side so you can see the difference if you’re deciding between the two:

DD = “Designated Driver”
BW = “Mind Your Own Beeswax”

The Spoiled line is presented by Wet N Wild and is a newer core line found exclusively at CVS.

Spoiled polishes retail for $1.99 but are commonly found on sale for Buy-One-Get-One or .99


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