Sparkly Nails from Ozotic

Hey everyone! I snagged these little gems from Overall Beauty, one of my favorite places to go polish crazy!

Ozotic 528

Up first is Ozotic 528! It has a sheer base, so I layered two coats over Revlon Stiletto to make it really stand out. It is loaded with glitter that shifts from teal, to pink, to purple, to blue.

It is nothing short of amazing visually, and the formula was awesome too!!!!

Ozotic 533

The amazing this about this one is that it is a “mish mash”! Not only is it a holo, but it’s a multi chrome as well! It gleams purple, blue, and even grey!

I have heard a lot of people complain about the thickness of the “mish mash” formulas, but I didn’t think that was a factor at all! The application was smooth and easy! It did, however, require three coats for a completely opaque finish.

Ozotic 534

Finally, we have Ozotic 534. If you were to look at the bottles of 533 and 534 together, you might think you were looking at two bottles of the same polish, but don’t let it’s initial appearance fool you!!! This polish has a much stronger blue shift to it, while 533 has a very strong purple shift.

I am so excited to have added these to my nail polish collection! They have been lemmings of mine for ages now! I hope you enjoy!


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