Son of a Peach! Is that you or Flip Flop Fantasy?

Ready for some camera zapping?


China Glaze “Son of a Peach!” VS China Glaze “Flip Flop Fantasy”

What’s the difference? See after the jump!!!



China Glaze. Son of a peach!

Part of the China Glaze Summer 2013 Sunsational Collection. Their Summer 2013 Sunsational Collection consisted of a set of creme and jelly neons. “Son of a Peach!” was on the creme team, a neon peachy orange that I was super stoked for.

When I stopped into Ulta, I also picked up another bottle of “Flip Flop Fantasy”, another classic by China Glaze.

Spoiler alert: upon walking out I asked Mr. NB if he noticed the colors I bought and if he had any thoughts on it. “No I know what’s up. I know about “dupes”.


I’m actually pretty surprised I didn’t see any mention of “FFF” in posts I’ve seen about Peach. While they are not DUPE-DUPES, they most def beg the question of needing both.


Take FFF, scale down the red, and you get “SOP” (instead of SOB, it’s SOP! Well shut the french toast and call me a lint licker – I love this name!)

*Please keep in mind, neons are incredibly hard to photograph hence the zapping!*

On nail:

When I first heard about the Sunsational collection, I was also super excited for something similar to Lime Crime’s “Peaches <3 Cream” (one of my absolute favorite lacquers and it would be nice to give NB readers alternatives they could find in person).




C’est la vie.

But there’s a lot more in this comparison than just the colors. Let’s take a further look a SON OF A PEACH!

(Must be screamed from now on)


This is one coat of “SOP”. I won’t lie. This formula made me wonder if there was more behind the name than just the pun.

Streaky. Dragged. Baldy. Poor job of covering ridges/peels.

I tried 3 thick coats, and ended up showing 4 coats in the following pictures:

While most neons dry matte (such as “Flip Flop Fantasy”), this dried in between. Due to the formula problems, a good top coat like seche vite or a glitter tamer is a NECESSITY to making it look good. This seemed to cover some of the unevenness and hide the peels/ridges.

The name is peachin’. Adore.

The concept is rockin’. Neon/peach? Swoon.

In love with the concept. In like with the result. In hate with the formula.

FFF wins for me in this comparison. If you only get to choose one, I would suggest passing over “SOP” and leaving the hunt for your peachy polish open.


DermaBlend- ACD

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