SNS Dip Powder Nails – How is it Done?

The SNS took over the manicure community by surprise! Why? Because its an odor-free, quick, healthier method that makes your nails look naturally lovely and will, in fact, last longer than traditional manicure methods. The powder formulation of SNS is made up of nail-boosting calcium and other minerals, that’s why a lot of women love this nail dipping system.

Currently, having the perfect manicure is taking a lot of time. Once deciding on your nail shape – almond shape, coffin, oval, or square, and your nail design, the next thing you’ll consider is the method to use for your manicure.


Dip Powder Nails – How is it done?

When you go to a nail salon that offers you a dip powder manicure, you will discover particular elements are the very same in spite of which nail system they market.

To begin with, the nail specialist will clear away any polish you may have and prepare your nail. Should you previously had an SNS manicure, the removal method is very light. The technician will bathe your fingernails in acetone for around 20 minutes, then conduct a bit of sanding and trim cuticles. The concept of driving the SNS technique is to enhance your nails.


After that, you will get a base layer or two, then a layer or more of powder. The nail technician will get rid of excess powder and paint above layers. Lastly, they will form your nail to flawlessness, and you are finished. You will not need to sit under a UV light considering that the SNS liquids dry fast in standard room air.

Sanitary Steps To Take for SNS Nails and Other Dip Manicure

As you go to an SNS-certified nail salon or whatever nail dipping system that a salon has offered, it’s ideal that you always check the approaches they use. You can even look at if they dip, sprinkle, or pour the powder dust over the nails. The salon should have a way to refrain from dipping every client’s fingertips into the same container.  But if you’re doing your SNS nails at home, of course, this might not really matter to you.


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