Simple Christmas-Tree on Your Nails

Christmas tree – an excellent symbol for Christmas, and you also probably wanted to recreate this particular through nail art. Nicely, if you browse online, you will find lots, and a lot of Christmas tree inspired nail arts that comes in different colors and styles. This one is something you might want to try on- it’s easy and gorgeous. But before that, you need to choose the perfect nail colors to use here. And here’s what you will need to achieve this nail design.

Here’s an excellent Christmas Tree Nail Tutorial from Blue tape and Nails

nail art

You will need three colors with this manicure. You may use Skull & Glossbones, Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow Suede, and Fresh Frog of Bel Air, all by OPI.

Step 1 – A light, natural shade like Skull and Glossbones is the perfect for the green of this trees that make up Christmas trees and shrubs. This is two coats having a quick-dry top coat on the top.

For Step 2 – you will need two strips of blue tape for nail. Using the two strips of tape to create a triangle, where the top of the triangle will not come to the very best of your nail – which means you will have room to add the actual star at the top of the Xmas tree.

Step 3 – is a replicate of Step 2, but this time you are going to add the glitter best coat. Fresh coat of Bel Air makes the ideal glitter top coat for your Christmas tree because the eco-friendly glitter adds sparkle towards the tree, while the silver rubber stamps add a snow-like turn to the tree.

Repeating Step 2 – cut two strips of the tape for every nail, but this time through you will start by placing one strip of tape together one side of the woods that was made in Step 2, in which the other strip of strapping will mark off the other part of the tree, so the rubber stamps top coat will only check out the tree that was currently painted on.

Step 4 – would be to add the stars towards the top of the trees simply you have developed. If you have the nail stickers that has tiny stars, you may use that as well to put on top of the tree design. If you are working on putting on some tiny jewels or even gems for the stars, begin by placing a drop of best coat on the tip of the tree before placing the treasure, so it sticks.

nail redesign

After adding the stars towards the top of each tree, just add a top coat to seal it all in, and you have the

Christmas Tree for each nail!

I hope you enjoy this basic and cute Christmas tree nail design tutorial. I’m sure this fits your nice, long and sleek nails.

So what do you think of the nail design? Does it seem like something you’ll try? Exactly what did you wear on the nails for Christmas?

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