Sideways French

Traditional French manicure designs abstain from radiant polish for a clear or neutral coat with accurately painted white tips. This nail style is probably one of the most requested nail designs worldwide.


What is Sideways French?

Sideways French is one of the most unique designs in the nail fashion trends for the Spring-Summer Season influenced by the traditional french manicure. Unlike the classic French manicure, this is something a little different.

Designing this look is simple, whether you want to use regular nail polishes or gel nail colors; the finished work will always be gorgeous and unique. It has to be regarded as a simple nail art versatile to all ages and all kinds of nails.

To obtain a great impact, it’s been suggested to use two assorted colors so that the Sideways French can present itself in its best!

After waiting around the required time for the drying out the nail polish, then move forward by painting a lateral smile – the Sideways French, using your chosen nail polish.

It will likely be essential to wait a few minutes, so the nail polish is completely dried out and then proceed to the seal with a top coat.

Below are a list of fabulous sideways french nail designs:



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