Serum No 5 & I’m in heaven!

Today I am super, super excited to present some Serum No5

I have a huge, crippling soft spot for Indie lacquer. So much so that I started to get a little… used to and a little.. tired of glitter bombs 24/7. Shocking, I know.

Only to then receive a box full of goodies and I was truly. blown. away.


You have to see these after the jump!!

Not only has Serum No 5 stepped up her game from awesome to double brutal awesome but I was reminded of why I fell in love with glittered polish and Indie lines in the first place. In fact I received these a few weeks ago and why has it taken this long to start posting lacquers this rad? Well every time I swatched one I ended up needing to wear it for a couple of days before beginning to bear moving onto the next.

Presenting “Beach Cruisin”, “Pink Peonies”, and “Happy Place” (only fitting for this post ;D)

Happy Place – Pink Peonies – Beach Cruisin’

Stop! Macro Time!

Beach Cruisin


“Beach Cruisin’” features a formula of small blue hexes, larger spring green hexes, smaller golden yellow hexes in a base of nudish micro shimmer.


Pink Peonies

“Pink Peonies’” features a formula of small holographic red hexes that flash magenta, smaller red hexes, larger and small and smaller pink hexes, small white hexes in a base of a nommy blue based yogurt pink filled with golf fleck. I may have missed something as this polish is pretty complex upon close inspection.

Happy Place

“Happy Place” features a formula of satin golden yellow hexes, larger black circles (!!!), red squares, small white hexes and smaller white squares all in a base of gray silver shimmery goodness. This polish took me from unsure to intrigued to lovin it.

Just for fun..

Up first!

“Beach Cruisin”

2 Coats over Zoya “Jacqueline”

No formula issues to speak of what-so-ever.


“Pink Peonies”

2 Coats over Zoya “Jacqueline”

No formula issues to speak of what-so-ever.

The gold fleck is subtle as to not interfere with whatever base you choose but is still there:


“Happy Place”

2 Coats over Zoya “Jacqueline”, no fishing


(some weird shadows in some of these ^ While the base of this one is naturally more prominent as it is a darker color, I had little issue getting the result smooth and balanced.)

The silver shimmer in this is more prominent, still no formula issues.

And if you haven’t heard every month a donation will be made to charity in an amount equal to 20% of the profits of all lacquers sold! How awesome is that??

Serum No. 5 Can be found at the Serum No. 5 Shop:


and on Facebook


To see other Serum No. 5 Swatches you can click HERE


**the lacquers in this post were provided to me for my completely honest review**



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