Sally Hansen XtremeWear Nail Color Spring Swatches

Mint Sorbet

Mint Sorbet is the thickest of the three which presents a few challenges in application. It is super streaky on the first coat and not as self-leveling as the other two colors shown today. It evens out at two coats which is what you see in these swatches, with no top coat. It also dries “mintier” than in the bottle.

Coral Reef

This color gives me super-tan. It is the thinnest formula of the three. It gives good coverage and when dry matches accurately to bottle. What you see in these swatches is two coats with no top coat. While not a pastel, it fits in with current 2012 spring trends.


More of “Coral Reef” can be seen HERE


Lacey Lilac

“Lacey Lilac” is my favorite of the bunch. The formula was the best and while thicker for most polishes as it is an opaque pastel, it was extremely self-leveling. Once dry, it dries a shade darker than bottle and more “lilac-y”. These swatches show ONE coat with no top coat.


Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color can be found online, at most drugstores, at Walmart and Target. Target seems to have the best retail price averaging $2.04 in store.

The wear on this line is excellent and I noticed no chips nor even tip wear after three days (which is about the longest a color will last me before I *must* change it to something new). The brushes and nail tool set, combined with the formula pick up a ton of polish so extra care has to be taken in keeping the coats at the right thickness and not having pooling or additional lacquer running down the brush mid-paint job. Aside from the colors, I absolutely love how super-self-leveling they are, the finish of the polish alone causing it to be even shinier and slicker post-top coat, and how on many of these colors only 1-2 coats is all you need.

Tomorrow I’ll continue with the pastel theme when I am able to show you the entire line of Kleancolor’s 2012 pastels. Woo!


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