Revlon Buttercup a dupe for Illamasqua Load?

Her personals ad would describe herself as a cheap date (only $4.99), available (I’ve seen her stocked at every drugstore I’ve ventured into), super creamy, a low maintenance aged yellow tea-white, and a two-coater to boot! She would also be sure to mention how she constantly gets told she looks just like a Illamasqua supermodel.

See, it’s that last bit that really sucked me in to her charms. Along with many other colors, I’ve also been horribly pining for several Illamasqua colors including “Load”.

I don’t have the illamasqua (YET) to compare Buttercup to but in comparison to all the promos, press releases and swatches I’ve seen, I think they look ridiculously similar. From what I can tell the Revlon is more yellow but good enough to satiate me…

(for now).



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