Review & Swatch – Face Stockholm Leto

I am so excited to show you one of the newest shades from Face Stockholm …


Leto is a gorgeous nude holographic. Believe me when I say that this is, hands down, the final word in holographic polishes. If there’s a formula that tops it, I’ve yet to get my hands on it.

Two coats of Leto with no top coat

Shown is two coats of Leto with no top coat. I did add a top coat on afterwards to see if the holo effect was diminished at all, and it had zero negative effects.

Perfect and seamless Application

The formula is so rich and smooth, making the application perfect and seamless.

This is probably the most photos I have ever posted of one polish swatch, but I really just couldn’t stop myself. The linear effect is so unbelievably perfect.

Additionally, I typically always take holo polishes outdoors to show them off better like the one I did for nail art stamp templates holographic . A storm came out of nowhere right after I started the application, and I was super bummed … until I finished the mani. I didn’t need the sunlight. *Happy holo dance*

You can find Leto and other amazing shades at the Face Stockholm storefront here. I cannot wait to try all of their other shades now!!!!

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