Review: Revlon Parfumerie Wild Violets

If you’ve been shopping recently, you might have noticed a new section in the Revlon nail polish stand.

Naturally I am drawn to any new displays, but these snazzy bottle lids and the word ‘Parfumerie’ over the top really got me excited.

Parfumerie polishes are Revlon’s new range of perfumed polishes…yes you read right, perfumed polishes.

I bought four of these polishes, and today I am reviewing Revlon Parfumerie Wild Violets.

Revlon is towards the higher-end of the high street nail polish brands so the price tag has put me off a little in the past, but with these I was clearly going to get some no matter what the price.

Wild Violets is a gorgeous dark almost-metallic purple polish

It’s easy to apply with the lovely wide Revlon brush and full coverage is easy to achieve in just two coats.

Most importantly…the smell. You don’t smell anything with these polishes until it has dried, but then – what a smell!

The smell of wild flowers is so rich and so strong that I found myself wafting my hands around so I could smell it more. It’s almost as strong as wearing perfume!

The smell lasts for approximately three or four hours (depending on how much your wash your hands in that time) which is amazing for a polish I think!

Revlon Parfumerie polishes are available for most major drugstores, or can be bought online at Boots here for just £4.49 at the moment, as they are on sale! Don’t miss out on this amazing bargain!

There are so many different scents, most of which are amazing…I would just avoid the Espresso one!

Polishes used…


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