Review – Nailz Craze NC03 & NC04 Stamping Plate

I have two of the amazing Nailz Craze stamping plates for you today!


Plate NC03 features Russian babushka dolls, floral designs, an adorable big eared mouse, and a sweater pattern. I really loved the Russian babushka dolls, so I paired them with Konad Special Black over Essence Off to Miami. The babushka dolls are fairly large. I have relatively long nails, and I still wasn’t able to fit the largest doll on my longest nail. The stamped very easily though.


Plate NC04 features a variety of gem designs. I decided to pair it with Konad Special Black, Color Club Cherubic & Beyond. I had absolutely zero trouble with the designs I chose. I did, however, have a lot of problems with the two recess reversal designs. No matter how I scraped, or what I used to scrape, the large recessed area was scraped clean.

Overall I was really happy with these two nail design plates , other than those two tricky designs.


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