Review: Look Nail Pop Plum

I really need to start posting more often. Wedding planning is taking over my life! Anyway, sorry for the delay but I should have quite a few posts for you over the next few days.

I will start by saying that I have decided that this is my new favourite nail polish. It’s official. This might have something to do with how good it looks with my engagement ring (check out the picture, I couldn’t resist!).



I got so many comments from people on what a lovely colour is was, and one of my friends actually went out and bought it on my recommendation which was cool.

You get lots of photos of this beauty because I love it and because I wanted to spend some time playing with my awesome new light tent! It’s just so much more convenient now the nights are drawing in and I can still take pictures late at night! Woop woop!

For this manicure I used:

  • Revlon – Quick Dry Base Coat
  • Look Nail Pop – Plum
  • Revlon – Quick Dry Top Coat
DermaBlend- ACD

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