Review: Barry M Magnetic Blue

Today I have for you the final bottle of nail polish that my friend Sophie gave me for my birthday – Barry M Magnetic Blue. If you missed the reviews of the other polishes she gave me, you can see them here – Barry M Ridley Road, Barry M Chameleon Pink and Barry M Croc Effects.

Barry M Magnetic Blue is a shimmery metallic blue – almost a denim colour. It comes in the usual Barry M square bottle, but as it is one of their magnetic nail polishes, it has a square lid with a magnet on the top. The magnet I got with this one was the star/cross shape which I was pleased about as I’ve wanted to try this pattern since I saw it in Boots a while ago!

The application was really good, as it usually is with metallic nail polishes and only took one coat to get an opaque colour. I then painted on a thick coat and quickly positioned the magnet over the nail and held it there for around 10 seconds. When I took the magnet away, I was left with this really cool pattern! (Excuse the nick on my middle finger…)

Barry M Magnetic Blue

The magnetic effect means that you get quite a spectrum of blues on your nail, which you wouldn’t be able to achieve with any other kind of polish. Plus, the colour moves in the light which is so so pretty and I just find myself shifting my hand around all the time and staring at it!

As I am a bit of a fan of the matte (really?! haha) so I thought I’d try my matte topcoat over it, and this was the effect that I was presented with. How amazingly cool does it look? It totally steps it up a notch! The blue still shifts in the light too, which I LOVE.

You can buy Barry M Magentic Blue from Boots and Superdrug stores, or from the Barry M website for just £3.99!

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