Republic Nail Crackle Nail Polish Swatch and Review

Today I have swatches and review of three crackle nail polishes from Republic Nail

See Swatches and More after the Jump!!

No fancy names here, just crackle gold, crackle black, and crackle pink

Might as well start with my favorite, Crackle Gold:

One thin coat of Crackle Gold over China Glaze “Up All Night”

It’s almost like gold leaf

Crackle Pink:

One Medium Coat of Crackle Pink over Sally Hansen “Mint Sorbet”

(however the green seems to get pretty lost (including in person) against the vibrant pink)

This crackle pink dries to a matte neon pink. Once the topcoat is added, it becomes darker and more bubblegum (losing most of it’s neon appearance)


Crackle Black:

One Medium Coat of Crackle Black over Spoiled “I Don’t Drink Cheap Wine”

All three of these crackles dry matte, perfectly flat and super fast. They are on there without a top coat, (unlike those crazy Kleancolor kids) so it could be pretty cool to rock the double finish look. They are .50 fl oz/15 ml and have good size brushes. They also work being applied over dry OR wet polish.

Where can you find the Republic Nail Polish line?


At Walgreens in the clearance section (although they are not clearance items, I was told they are placed there for impulse buyers) for ONE DOLLAR


Was that a good ending or what? I impress even myself sometimes.



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