Red Velvet Valentine’s Day Nails – Tutorial

Velvet nails look unusual and eye-catching these days. This nail art technique uses flocking powder applied to wet nail polish for a fuzzy nail look.

What You Need for this Nail Design

  1. Flocking Powder – this comes in a variety of colors, but for this nail tutorial, the red flocking powder  was used to match the love month.
  2. Nail Polish – For the nail polish, use regular red nail polish or RMS in Beloved to fit your red flocking powder, or you may use non-UV gel polish for this manicure. And of course, use a UV lamp to dry them.
  3. Soft Brush – You may also use a clean, soft brush to clean the excess flocking powder on your fingernails.

Few Tips for this Manicure

  • Put a sheet of paper in your work area before you start, so you can collect and reuse the remaining powder after you finish.
  • When doing velvet nails, remember that it’s done one at a time.

How to do this Nail Design

Prepare and clean your nails the usual way when you do manicure.

  • So put one finger on the paper sheet and apply the red nail polish.
  • Immediately after you finished applying red nail polish, sprinkle it with red flocking powder in a thick layer covering the whole nail surface. If the polish is very dry, it will not “take” the powder, and it will not work on the nails.
  • After that, use tweezers or fingers to press the flocking powder.
    • Press hard enough to allow it to stick to the nail surface.
    • Don’t press way too hard or too soft.
    • Wait a bit to allow the polish dry after you have done with pressing.
    • Once you are finished, get rid of all of the excess powder using a brush.

NO Need for Top Coat

Usually, when you do manicure, top coat is important to make sure that your nails last long. However, for this nail art, you will not need any top coating. A top coating will only damage all your effort.

Velvet Nails is for Everyone

As you see, velvet nails are very easy to do especially when you use Essie‘s latest collection of nail polishes. This is even easier to other nails designs you find online like putting various patterns, tiny jewels and the like. But this one, you don’t need to have special expertise for nail design plates for manicure. Anyone can make it, but only a couple of women really use this style and design.


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