Rainbow Honey My Little Pony Nail Art

This should be clickable for super-super-big view! DO IT, DO IT!

So any guesses as to what this could be?

Just kidding… it’s obviously my entry for the Rainbow Honey My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Nail Art Contest!

You can see in my materials picture (below) that I took a good hour to write out some ideas, do some sketching and think this one out. In the end I decided to keep it literal.

I also decided that I wanted to stick STRICTLY to these materials: One paintbrush, and nail polish. I also wanted to use only my natural nails, without the assistance of anything else and lastly my must have manicure tools I love a challenge. War cry!

So that’s it. No paint or anything else ALTHOUGH I did use glitter nail polish as well…I think that might cross a line according to my guidelines?…Nah.

It’s still nail polish from a nail polish bottle! And what would MLP art be without some glitter? It would be sad, very sad, stunted, drab, un-fabulous horses.

(This glitter can be seen in the middle of the apple and star “cutie mark” in addition to around and in Rarity’s crown, around the large heart and the entire small heart, around the pony eye and around the butterfly “cutie mark”)


I’m actually going to include the list:

*CVS non-acentone polish remover (I may have a pretty severe physical allergy to acetone, yet to be determined)

*One small paintbrush

*Coffee. Lots of coffee. In a knuckle-duster mug so I can still look tough when I use more creamer and sugar than there is bean.

*Nail Polish:

-Kleancolor “Pastel Blue”

-Kleancolor “Pastel Pink”

-Kleancolor “Pastel Yellow”

-Kleancolor “Pastel Purple”

-Kleancolor “Pastel Orange”

-Kleancolor “Pastel Teal”

-Sinful Colors “Dream On”

-Spoiled “Let’s Get Sushi”

Revlon “Posh”

-Revlon “Whimsical”

-Sally Hansen “Co-Bolt Blue”

-Sally Hansen “Speedy Sunburst”

-Sally Hansen “Lacey Lilac”

-Sally Hansen “Mint Sorbet”

-Sally Hansen “Golden-I”

-Sally Hansen “Strobe Light”

-Hard Candy “Fabuluxe”

-China Glaze “White on White”

-China Glaze “Black Leather”

-China Glaze “For Audrey”

-China Glaze “Up All Night”

-OPI “Wooden-Shoe Like To Know”

-OPI “Cherry Chutney”

-Maybellene “Retro Red”

-American Apparel “Meteor Shower”

-Seche Vite to top it all off!

This was my very first time doing any type of nail art. Previous to this, my experience was limited to Konad stamping and lots of tip free-handing (those french tip stencils never work for me!). It isn’t my first time with a paintbrush however, so that evens itself out.

What is all this madness about?

Rainbow Honey “The Equestria Collection”

Rainbow Honey is one of the most awesome, radical, bomb-bastic Indie Nail Lacquer and Beauty Companies I have seen. Not just “seen in a long time” but “seen EVER”.

It may have been said before but this is one to really keep an eye on and I truly hope she continues to awe us with her creations.

Her two previous lacquer collections were “Chrono Cross” and “Sakura Matsuri”.  “Chrono Cross” being inspired by the game with the same name. “Sakura Matsuri” being a stunning festival filled with Sakura blossoms, botany and all around Japanese-lovliness. The up and coming collection set for release in June, is the “The Equestria Collection” and is as stunning, if not more so, than those before it.

In anticipation for the release in June, she has held a nail art contest for bloggers with the inspiration of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. The deadline for entries was yesterday, and the contest is set to post today on her Facebook and blog (links at the end of this post).

Winners will be decided by number of likes and shares, in addition to a voting form she has on the actual Rainbow Honey blog.

I’m not going to tell you guys to go “vote for me!” (my momma raised me right!) but I am going to tell you all to go check out the collection and the contest and vote for the ones you fancy, whatever that may be. Remember, you cast your vote by by liking them on Facebook, sharing them on Facebook, and/or filling out the entry form on the Rainbow Honey blog site. EVERY “like” counts!!

Besides, it’s so much fun, how could one not? I’m beyond excited to see what everyone came out with and would really appreciate each and every person that goes, checks it out, and submits their votes.

(I may sound cool and collected but you should see me in person)

All links open in new window.

Contest voting found here: Rainbow Honey facebook: HERE

Contest voting found here: Rainbow Honey Blog: HERE

Rainbow Honey Tumblr: HERE

Go check us and RH out and add her to your favorites! Not that you will need any of my encouragement after checking RH out for yourself..

Pickle would approve this message as “Dachshund Approved”, but she’s too busy off playing with her ponies. Actually, a true story. When Mr. NB was still “courting me” (hehe, I love that phrase) he sent her a My Little Pony in the mail. And. she. actually. played. with. it. and. carried. it. around.

Makes your cheeks hurt, doesn’t it?

***Contest runs from 5/16 until May 27 11:59 PM EST***
DermaBlend- ACD

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