Puzzled Manicure

I hung out with one of my friends yesterday, and it gave me an idea for a new mani! My friend absolutely loves puzzles, so here ya go!!

Two coats of Finger Paints Pop Rock Pink

I started with two coats of Finger Paints Pop Rock Pink. I really don’t think it’s very pink though. It’s really much more of a coral! It’s a great jelly with a nice subtle shimmer! Since it is a jelly, I decided on this one for the base color on all of my nails, as the other polishes are all cremes. I didn’t want any of the other colors showing through underneath Pop Rock Pink.

Nail Taping for the Puzzle pattern

After a quick coat of SV, I taped off a section on my nails, and used Dare to Wear Pillow Talk, China Glaze Sweet Hoot, and China Glaze Kinetic Candy to create the first puzzle pieces. Then I added another quick coat of SV to the newly polished section to protect the polish for the next tape application.

I taped off the same section, leaving the opposite site of my nail exposed, and added another color for the next piece. Then another coat of SV!

I taped off one last section for the last painted piece, leaving a Pop Rock Pink section exposed for the final piece!

Then I used my dotting tool to create the puzzle lock design.

I finished the mani with a coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast!

This was a really fun mani to create! I love the way the colors work together!! I hope you all enjoy it!

DermaBlend- ACD

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