Polka Dots Nail Designs and How to Make It

Perhaps you have seen folks have polka dot nails, but you do not have an idea how you can do it on your own nails. It is indeed simple but looks difficult. You can paint your nails with polka dots with no special tools and most of the time; it completes in about 20 minutes!

Those days are gone when one nail color could make it; folks used to purchase primary colors likes red, blue, yellow and put them straight away on nails without taking any effort to make stunning nail art designs. It has now come to be a primary pursuit of joy for gals to spruce up their nails like anything just because time switches its sides so as for fashion and trend.

Easy steps to make polka spots nail design

  • Put on a base coat to your nails.
  • Choose two or three colors of nail polish – one for the base color and one or two for the dots.
  • Paint your nails using the base color and let them dry.
  • Use a toothpick or the rounded end of the bent bobby pin. Break the toothpick’s end, so it is not pointy.
  • Dab a small amount of nail polish onto some paper and dip the toothpick/bobby pin end into the blob.
  • Take the toothpick and gently dab it on your nails to make dots. Try using different colors for your dots if you like.
  • Apply top coating over the design so the manicure will last much longer.
  • Now, you have your own fabulous new polka dot nails design.

And because polka dots nail designs are easy to do, anybody can create impressive and distinctive designs without spending hours in the salon every time. So, listed below are lovely, quirky, and incredibly unique polka dots nail design ideas for your inspiration.



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