Pastel Themed Hearts and Floral Tutorial

The holiday seasons are often a great time to spice up your fingertips. And Valentine’s Day is one of those special seasons because this is the season of love. Decorate your nails with this particular hearts, floral and glittery Valentine’s Day nail art.

A couple of things you notice the most all over Valentine’s Day are hearts and flowers; so why not incorporate the two elements with this cute Valentine’s Day nail art? Or you can add some rhinestones to add more shimmer.

Heart Nail Art Technique

With the hearts distributed across two nails, you will have a lot more space for element, and it’s also less overbearing as getting individual hearts on every nail. The pop of glitters as the contour truly helps you to specify the design and style and gives this that elegant affectionate appearance that you want for any Valentine’s Day nail art.

What You’ll Need for This Nail Art

You should have a pastel blue polish, two colors of pink polish, darkish green polish, and gold glitters polish, as well as a nail art brush, and a quick-drying topcoat. Or if you have a Pearly Nail polish set, you can use that as well.

Steps  1 and 2 of the Nail Art

  • Shade your nails using a light blue base color. Here, Essie’s Borrowed and Blue was used.
  • By utilizing a nail art brush and light pink nail polish (here, Barry M’s Get Set Go was used), draw the patterns of a split heart on your fingernails. Begin with the curve of heart and draw down to the side of your nail for the point, then fill in.

Step 3  and 4 of the Nail Art

  • Then use a dotting tool or perhaps a nail art brush to draw darkish pink circles inside your hearts (here, Barry M’s In a Flash polish was used). Once dried out, utilizing the tip of a nail art brush, draw outlines inside the dots for the flower petal patterns.
  • Utilizing a nail art brush along with a darkish green polish (OPI’s Don’t Mess With OPI), draw the leaves of the flower. Start from your flower and flick in an outward motion to make a leaf form.

Step 5 and 6 of the Nail Art

  •  Using the tip of the brush or a dotting tool, create dots of gold in between the flowers.
  • Outline the heart patterns with a nail art brush and gold polish with Essie‘s Beyond Cozy. As soon as it dried out, complete the look with a topcoat for more long-lasting nail art.


DermaBlend- ACD

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