Nicole by OPI “For Gold Times Sake” Swatches & Review

You may find a new display at your local target featuring a lot of interesting duo-chrome, fleck, shimmer and glitter. These bottles may look like ugly little sinful boots, but this time it’s worth it to bite the bullet, take a gulp, savor the grimace and check out (what I believe are) limited edition Target exclusives.

Supposedly set to official release in August, myself and a few other lucky lacquer lovers have been seeing these displays pop up early. There are 10 shades, two of which I picked up.

Shades are:

“I Love You Cherry Much”, “Iris My Case”, “Look at Me, Look at Me”, “You’re S-teal the One”, “Nicole’s Nickel”, “Just Busta Mauve”, “Pink-nic in the Park”, “Great Minds Pink Alike”, “Mer-Maid for Each Other”, “For Gold Times Sake”

Here is a stock photo that features the two I picked up (sorry, couldn’t get the whole collection this time, guys!)

I picked up “Mer-Maid for Each Other”, what looks to be a Chanel “Peridot”/OPI “Lizard” dupe (BUT ISN’T! You can see the swatches and comparison for this polish HERE), and “For Gold Times Sake”, one that really caught my interest.



“For Gold Times Sake”

For swatches, review and pictures highlighting the rainbow hidden in this bottle, click below!!

Why name this one anything having to do with gold though? And if using the word “gold” why not throw in something about this being the gold at the end of the rainbow? Because this is NOT your average gold. In fact when I got home and read online that there was a gold shade, and realized they were talking about mine, I had to double check that I hadn’t been had. “This is the gold one?!” Alright.

“FGTS” reminds me of Zoya’s “Edyta” but with blue and pink glitter/fleck and duochrome.


I’ve read that this is not a fleck polish but instead a micro-glitter, which I was surprised at but got on board with until I started my swatches..

I think it does indeed involve fleck!


(close up of one thin coat)
Are you checking out that duo-chrome yet?


The brush was standard NOPI. Good application, nothing unusual to see here!


(And a nice shot at the end to show you how sparkly this polish can be in sunlight!)
While the formula didn’t pose any problems, I was surprised at how sheer it was.
This is one thin coat:


Don’t judge my stains.
So I bumped it up to another medium coat:

Getting pretty but definitely not reaching this polish’s full potential yet.
One last medium coat:



Depending on how you like your coats, this polish is a 3-5 coater

but the good thing is that it dries quickly and I didn’t experience any issues that delay/prolong application such as streaking, dragging, or pulling.

Predominantly this polish is pink, gold and yellow but there is also:

Blue, Purple, Gold, Yellow, Red Fleck!

Duochrome that flashes pink, brown, gold, and the occasionally super rare dim flash of blue!

Ready for the visual of how much is going on here?


Artificial lighting seems to bring the gold out more, also lighting the overall look a few shades:


Yellow tendencies:

Blue tendencies:

Pink tendencies:


Removal was cake.

This line of Target exclusives is officially available in August, however they can currently be found both online at the Target website and at many stores in person. They retail $7.04 and are the classic 15ml/.50 fl oz.

So if you like what you see, get thyself down there soon! While most limited editions stick around for quite a while, the logo for this display is “Back to Cool” (ie school season).

The display I found was fully stocked except for “”Mer-Maid for Each Other”, of which I grabbed the very last bottle. Oh, Chanel, you do crazy things to people!

So Nicole by OPI (Or NOPI as I’ve just been made aware of. Ironic. Nope-y. You like this brand? NOPI!) offers endless stupid celebrity endorsement deals, horrid shoe bottles and a heftier price tag. But look at what they’re coming out with!

While some of the polishes in this exclusive display are re-runs, there are some (not so)hidden gems. Worth it? Totally. And I will love wearing it! But it’s still not gonna bring these bottles out from the back of the box where they stay shameful, hidden, and away from my other polish’s eyes.

In my anthropomorphizing of this line, I imagine it to be a bad influence on the other polishes.


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