New Lynnderella Release “Sweet Somethings For A Summer Solstice”

All drama aside, I just found out that Lynnderella’s blog is back up and running. I have very personal feelings regarding much of what has been said recently but THIS post, MY post, is just about sharing the new release and it’s swatches. Because information is always good! Do with it what you will.



Golden Rules is almost like a gold version of Lynnderella ShapeShifter, but without butterflies or flowers. Clear base. Holographic.

Salad Days. Garden variety: tender lettuces, herbs, radishes, tomatoes, rapscallions and carrot chiffonade. A young, bright green with dressing on the side. The expression originated in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, when Cleopatra is regretting her youthful dalliances with Julius Caesar and says, “…My salad days… When I was green in judgment, cold in blood…”  Clear base.

I Don’t Mean Rhinestones gems. As the song says, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Clear base. Holographic. Talk to me, Harry Winston.

Deep Blue Seeing is more than gazing into the most luscious swimming pool on a perfect summer day. Deep, rich cyan with metallic, satin and neon microglitter. Clear base featuring subtle turquoise shimmer. The macro shot is off colour—needs to be saturated with cyan.

When the Moon Was a Star, she was new and quite full of herself. Once upon a midsummer night time, she stared into a celestial blue-violet dreamscape, and wished for longer nights. Clear base. Suitable for any phase.

The Garden of Even is a magical place where the holographic magenta roses bloom for eleven months a year. The gardener is not your average goddess—she is Venus in a froth of a silk slip. Sheer pink base with bleeding glitter. Especially lovely over Verity Brilliant Violet underwear.

Kabbalah Bracelet. Red string. And multi-coloured holo hexes. Works almost like the bracelets. Ask Madonna. Sheer red base with bleeding glitter.

Pentimento, according to Wikipedia, is “an alteration in a painting, evidenced by traces of previous work, showing that the artist has changed her mind as to the composition during the process of painting. The word is also Italian for repentance.” For all fine- and/or nail-art applications. Clear base. Beware of bars.

Inner Space could look like this—depends on who is looking. Glitterinfinity and beyond in a clear base.

Connect the Dots, the original black-and-white glitter. Now with a new and improved formula. Clear base with white-shimmer.

50 Shades of May-Be may be like Connect the Dots with less than fifty shades of gray, but these matters are never just black and white. Possible summer reading material? Clear base with silver-white-shimmer.

A Neutral Party seemed unconventional for a summer collection. Then we saw the new Naked Illamasquas, and remembered that unconventional was the convention we wanted to attend. Reminiscent of faux fur and tortiseshell. Clear base with beige-shimmer.

Glass Houses. You know what people who live in them should not throw? Like that, but with intense, tiny blue and violet sparks. Clear base.

Common Sense is something that is good to have in plentiful supply, so we made a big batch. Shiny copper and pinks. Clear base with copper and pink shimmer. This one can look very pink or very copper depending on light and surroundings. Soulmate of Chameleon Corona.

Yes, the descriptions are cryptic, but I hope the macro shots tell the story. Also trying to keep things interesting for all of you nail savants out there. The dabbing method was used for all applications. All nail swatches have Glitter Tamer and China Glaze Fast Forward. Availability will be announced when I have decided how to move forward.Clearly, it might not be the best time in NailWorld to show a new collection. But this was promised to tonight’s solstice.
20 June 2012
“Never complain. Never explain.” 
― Kate Moss
All of the above is direct from the Lynnderella website (Link HERE as she did not watermark etc)
I really did not want to like any of these.
But I can’t lie.
When the Moon Was a Star” over “Boosh” is galactic.
Golden Rules” over “Amchoor” looks like the Pirate Mermaid Queen who coincidentally is the love child of a wild night at Studio64 that involved Marie Antoinette, the Golden Goose and a Unicorn.
Pentimento” over “Boosh” is the coolest thing I have ever seen. (until tomorrow when I, the magpie, is shown something else pretty and bright)
*shakes fist*
I used to be so principled… is it time to toughen up or indulge my vanity and greed?
I don’t post all of the news I find, but if you follow me on Twitter (HERE) I’ll keep you updated on the release date and other information. This is where I usually post line announcements, when products hit the web, price changes and all of that other good stuff that typically doesn’t fit into it’s very own post.
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