Naked Pearl Design

Today I have for you another polish from Essence. It’s called Naked Truth and it’s from Pure Beauty Collection. This collection was avalible last year.

Naked truth is a beautiful almost white shade with pink tone in it. The finish is shimmery/pearly. The application was good, and it’s not streaky at all It’s opaque in two coats.

Essence Naked Truth:


My hand was shaking because I was tired and haven’t slept much last night, so no Konad for me today :P So I tried something new.
These are nail art designs from Essence. Basically they are stickers with indented shapes. You stick them on your nails and paint over with whichever polish you want. Then you remove the sticker and you are left with a nice design. I got just two types for now – the flowers and the butterflies. The butterfly is made with  FX Quick-Dry Vegan Nail Polish, Iced Out Top Coat polish. I spiced it up with flower-glitter and silver polish :)



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I like this kind of nail art, beacuse it’s really easy and you don’t need a steady hand to do it. But you have to be sure that the base color is really dry, beacuse when you remove the sticker it may pull off the base polish as well

DermaBlend- ACD

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