6 Nail Trends in 2021

We are obsessed with this season’s nail trends, from multi-colored French tips to the gorgeous ‘drip’ effect. Regardless of whether you like to keep it low key or prefer to let your claws do the talking, the days of a one-color gel manicure being your only nail extravagance is over. Want the perfect custom set for the autumn/winter season ahead? Here are 6 trends nail techs are nailing in 2021.

Mixed nail sets

Mixed sets are something we’re seeing a LOT at the moment – from chocolate browns to fiery fuchsia and icy blues. Want to keep it simple with one set per hand or vary it up with some clashing colors for extra effect? Here’s a banging collection of wild looks to choose from.

For those of you on your low-key hustle, you can keep it simple with something like this gorgeous dot set.

dots nail design

Or if chic and neutral is more your style, try a set like this. The perfect way to help you shine with a hint of sparkle.

Abstract nail designs

Abstract shapes that stick to a color scheme but bring out your personality are a fabulous way to attract attention to your custom tips. From bright, blocky shapes to modern-art inspired wonders, abstract nails are definitely this season’s boldest look.

Geometric sets are nail goals this season for those of you looking to make a statement. Combining sharp lines and bold shapes makes your nails as fierce as you. Get creative and play around with color and shape. Similar shades can give you a more cohesive style while still dripping in personality, like this incredible set, which is flaaaames.

And speaking of dripping…

All about the drip nails

That drip with branded nails is the ultimate VIP treatment. They look amazing when contrasted with bright colors (think nudes and neons) while blending the look with a mix and match set for full effect.

No matter your vibe, find the style you love best and roll with it. Whether it’s bold and adventurous on every nail or a classic, subtle look you prefer. Our nail expert shows us how it’s done.

Every nail different

Why choose one color when you can have them all? Having every nail different is the ultimate way to show your personality. Your look can be something subtle, like the tips.

Just going with bright colors on every single nail is also a popular way to be different, bold, and daring. Just take a look at this amazing snakeskin set. That’s proof that animal print will always live on. Blend with neon color and you’re off to a winner.

If you like to be subtle with your adventurous streak, you can just stand out with your soft pastel palette like this set. Or somewhere in the middle, as Nails by Hayler shows us in style

Bold nail sets

If you prefer keeping uniformity with flair, then you might be a big fan of these pastel stripes. The simplicity of striking color against a natural background just pops.

We love this fierce bandana inspired set – it’s giving us a real Left Eye vibe and we love it.

Multicolored snake print is big, big on trend, whether you take it neon or more pastel with LAM Nails, find the right set that matches you.

All that glitters…

Let’s not forget Christmas is coming up. You can’t go wrong with a full glitter set like these beauties by New Norm. Christmas parties might not be the same this year, but you can still show off that golden vibe and mix and match with some sparkle from 3 feet away!

These are just some of the gorgeous collections in store for you. Browse this blog for more inspiration and get your autumn look booked in today. Here are some more of our creative nail art Pros you might like to check out!

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