Nail Stickers and Polish Strips

Do you remember the time when painting all your fingernails and toenails in red polish was the hot thing? Well, developments in the nail industry have come a long way. The colors of reds, pinks, and taupes have already been substituted by all shades of blue, yellow, green, oftentimes even worn at the same time on alternating fingers. And then you will find the patterns – complex works of art developed on a teeny nail scale to add style and shade. But getting this completed at a nail salon can be pricey, and there’s no assurance it will last for an extended time. Luckily for us, brands of nail products have worked out a method to get similar effects at your home.

No longer do you have to pay more than $20 to have your nails flawlessly groomed at the nail spa, only to nick the moment you pick your phone on the table or stick your key in the ignition. In the world of DIY manicures, nail polish comes along in prefab sheets and styles on easy-to-apply decals.

The Nail Sticker Trend

Nail stickers have existed for a time, for the most part, as nail art, to apply over your own usual polish. Nail peel off stickers typically works as nail craft. You commonly buy them in pre-cut shapes that cover all your nail, or as graphics , appliqués or sheet of nail foil transfer that include pattern and style to your present nail appearance.


Among the good factors about nail stickers are you can realize sophisticated and artistic specifics on your nails without having to pay a nail specialist a lot of money to create them.

The Polish Strips Trend

These days you may also get them for your whole nail, usually in a fun variety of styles. Polish strips really are a modern item on the market, which is basically made of actual nail polish, and they come in solids and designs. Polish strips are innovative items that are fashioned to make DIY manicures quick and simple.

These solutions brag that they provide a base coat, a color coat, and a top coating in one fell swoop. They’re produced of actual nail polish, so they have the look and also the shine that we’re accustomed to, but they don’t have the drying time, chance of streaks as well as smears, or Q-tip cleaning that wet polish needs, and they’re just as easy to get rid of with nail polish remover.

Polish strips come in nail shaped appliqués that happen to be various sizes on each end to allow for variously sized nails. Unlike nail stickers, which are preset widths, polish strips stretch length and width-wise to accomplish a much better fit. And when you don’t achieve it for the very first time, you can remove and re-apply them without the need to mess them up. They are available in solids as well as styles, so you have plenty of color choices and are intended to be sturdy sufficient to last as much as ten days.

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