Nail Shapes and How to Achieve Them

Do you know the best nail shape for your manicure?

Here are the five distinct nail shapes and how to file them and achieve the best shape.

Oval Nails

The tapered side walls from the oval create an elegant form for women. Oval shapes accent both full and thin nail beds and add size with a fine tip. To obtain the perfect oval shape, file side walls directly to make sure they’re even. Then, form the side walls into a curved oval, making sure the sides are even on every side.

Square Nails


With sturdy sidewalls and sharp or curved tips, this shape is classic French. The square nail shape is perfect for a bigger nail bed. To create this traditional form, file the side walls directly and make sure they’re vertical concerning the free edge of the nail. As soon as you’ve acquired the ideal square, position your emery board and bevel the fingernail.

Square Oval (Squoval) Nails

Incorporating the beauty of the oblong with the toughness of the square, the squoval is a well-liked nail shape for most fingertips. To achieve this shape, get started with a square with straight, even side walls. File the corners till your free edge is rounded and beveled.

Round Nails

As one of the most traditional shapes of the group, the circular shape is ideal for gentlemen and people who like to maintain short nails. This shape is complementing for full nails and provides the impression of a slimmer nail bed. File the side wall space straight like a square, after that round the free edge into that excellent swooping circle.

Almond Nails

The pointed nail is a superb style for acrylic as well as nail art designs, especially in Eastern Europe and Asian Countries. This shape is popular among celebrities. Although it’s not favored for the daily look, this extreme form can make the nails slender and long. File the side walls equally and taper until you’ve arrived at the required tip.

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