Nail Polish Is the New Windex (use on everything) and a Neat Holo Gradient Trick

So this is the final post to wrap up the first monthly giveaway on NailBlog!

Today was the last scheduled day for voting, and I learned a lot in how to better improve these giveaways in the future. Such as scheduling the posts beforehand rather than posting them in real-time. Since it came so late, I decided to combine both #11 and #12 into one post. Commenting once on this post will automatically gain you two entries! I decided to also extend the deadline by a day, allowing “late” comments since I was late in my posting. Anyone that comments before TOMORROW at midnight will still get their entries on this!

LOOK #11

This is one that (while it has it’s problems) looks much, much cuter in person. Trust me!

First I used two coats of Revlon “Royal” as the base. I then stamped a fishnet pattern using a white polish and covered it all with one coat of Revlon “Whimsical”. I have done this in the past and once this combination is mattified it looks like incredible little glazed sweets! I ended up going a different way with this look than intended, so all of that ended up being detrimental if anything. I then used a cream color to paint “hippie flowers”.

Placing dots along the edge turns them into doily like cookies. After all this had dried I then took China Glaze “Leather Black” and stamped various sweets from the MLS301 plate.

What continues to be a challenge for my stamping is evident here. Blast that placement! I will persevere, however, and continue on the righteous path of Konading. Almost like a right-handed batter who swings too left, I need to compensate for always placing them too high.

LOOK #12

So Mr. NB really wanted to get in on the fun, and asked if he could help the contest. I thought it would be awesome if he would do the final look #12 using the MLS 301 plate.

This is his contribution.

Not exactly what I expected.

You can tell this a boy did this.


There’s a horse that says “I <3 ice-cream” (who’s also been to prison as “evident by his prison teardrop eye tattoo”), a bird shooting lasers, super-power pigs, and a horse with “battle scars”. (Hey! We finally found a good use for the leopard rip!)

I wanted to get in on it too, so the “Kosher” pig is mine. I thought it was funny. A teenage pig raised to be Kosher, rebelling against it all. A swine without a cause. I stood alone in this humor.

I also felt the prison horse needed candy in his belly. He looked hungry and sad from having slug optical-tentacles for ears.

But, this does show a very crafty use for nail stamps! I’ve seen talk of using nail polish on jewelry and even on the bottom of shoes to add zazz.. *gasp* One could do the same with nail stamps! Add a design or stamp to anything…phone covers? Sunglasses? People’s faces as they’re sleeping? Just remember to seal your masterpiece afterwards.

This is look #11/12 & #12/12 in the Plate/Stamper Giveaway Contest!

All you have to do is comment for a chance to win! Rules and details can be seen here:
DermaBlend- ACD

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