Nail Decals: How to Size and Cut Them?

When you trim any nail stickers, you should ensure your patterns are measured to suit your nails before you trim them. The dimension of the nail artwork stickers will vary depending on where you’re putting on the vinyl nail patterns: an adult or a child’s nails.

Nail Sticker Measurements

Generally speaking, I have found nail stickers in the following measurements to work best. According to the sizing and length of your nails or the age of the kid, you may need to change the dimensions just a little bit.

The dimensions for nail decals for ladies: 0.4″ x 0.45″ – big toe, .025″ – 0.32″ x 0.35″ – fingers, .09″ – 0.11″ – polka dots

The dimensions for nail decals for child: 0.32″ x 0.35″- big toe, 0.20″ x 0.22″ – fingers, .09″ – polka dots

Methods for Efficiently Trimming Tiny Vinyl Designs on Silhouette

Cutting a vinyl as little as it needs to be is not tricky if you’re utilizing the proper trimming tool. Have a pad that’s sticky enough to hold the vinyl, position it tightly, have the correct cut configurations, and select the right design and style.

Choosing the right design and pattern is key. If you are trimming this small, it’s best to choose non-delicate nail designs. Layouts that are solid instead of those that have cut inside the style are quickest to cut.

For cutting tiny and complicated vinyl nails stickers, have something like Silhouette Premium Blade. The blade drags through the vinyl in a diverse direction compared to the standard ratchet blade, avoiding the vinyl from shredding as it makes the little slashes.

By slowing down the speed to 2 in the Cut Settings panel in Silhouette Studio, you will find a way to get a much better trim on tiny layouts, specifically delicate patterns like 3d ones such as 3D Animal Dalmatians Dog Lustrous Glow Decal Stickers or those very delicate patterns like boho patterns etc.

I hope this helps you with sizing properly your vinyl nail stickers!

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